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The summer of 2012 84 solar panels were installed on the roof of Nature's Way by Real Earth Power out of Duncansville, PA. Since September 2012 the panel have created  61,990 MWh of energy for the store and reduced our CO2 output by 43t..

High Mowing Seeds Are Here!!!
Time to start planning your garden! We have a great variety High Mowing organic of seeds to get your organic garden growing. Get them now!!

Welcome to Nature's Way Market!

Nature's Way Market has been serving the Greensburg area since May 13, 1977. Now in our 35th year we have set the standard for what a natural supermarket can achieve. From the beginning, owner Kitty Tuscano has insisted on the very highest quality products, while always emphasizing customer service.



You can rest assured that any product carried by Nature's Way is the best that nature can make and that it will fit well into your healthy lifestyle. We are promoting the best of the truly natural, minimally processed products and avoiding "natural" junk food. All of the produce we sell is organically grown, and when available we choose localc produce. We know that everyone has individual dietary needs so we try to stock as many specialized products as possible and we will special order anything that is not found on our shelves. If you suffer from food allergies, or need to follow a specific diet, we will do our best to keep you supplied with the purest foods available. We believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it so we also have the finest natural body care products. The supplements that we carry are made by the industry's most reputable companies and we stand behind the quality of every one of them.

When you come into our store with questions, we will work hard to find answers for you. Our employees have years of experience and training to help find answers to your dietary puzzles. We are happy to make the latest research available to you. Our employees will treat you with respect and patience, and help you navigate through what may seem to be a complex and unfamiliar array of choices. We hope to earn your trust.

Nature's Way market is an extension of the lifestyle adopted by Kitty Tuscano. Just as she encourages people to maintain a natural and healthy lifestyle, she has always supported those who are restoring and protecting our natural environment. In 2005 she made the commitment to donate 1% of gross sales to local environmental organizations, joining more than 500 other businesses in 1% For The Planet. To learn more about this program, stop in and ask us.

We support NON-GMO.

Nature's Way Market of Greenburg Health Tips
Flaxseed slimming tip
Add freshly ground flaxseeds to your meals. Flax is high in fiber, which provides bulk, helps you feel full, and aids in digestion. Flax also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, making it an excellent food for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight.

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