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     Nature’s Way has always been about helping people to find healthy choices. I learned a long time ago that diet and nutrition play a huge role in people’s health. But for just as long, I’ve known that outdoor recreation is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve talked to me over the years, you know that I’m always enthusiastic about getting outside.

     There is an outdoor sport for everyone, no matter what your age or physical prowess. The trails in our area make it simple to walk, run, bike, ski, or even roll a wheel chair for some exercise and fresh air. Others use the trails to watch birds or wildlife, and some trails offer access to hunting and fishing areas. Likewise we have many rivers and lakes available for canoeing, kayaking, and swimming, and our mountain ridges are the perfect playground for getting close to nature.

     I’ve found that there are only a few requirements for an activity to be truly healthy. First you must enjoy doing it. Second, it must be outdoors. Last, it must be powered by your own muscles. Our bodies need sunshine and fresh air, our minds need release from everyday stress, and our spirits require proximity to nature. It’s easy to understand how outdoor recreation is good for you.

    My commitment to healthy lifestyles is why I have supported the work of local conservation groups that are creating opportunities for more outdoor recreation. Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has been working on waterways and wildlife habitat for over 50 years. Mountain Watershed Association has done a huge amount of work to reclaim our rivers from past abuse and neglect. Conemaugh Valley Conservancy is the local leader in opening new opportunities for outdoor recreation. For seven years Natures Way has donated 1% of sales to these organizations, totaling over $150,000.

     The opportunities are there. Get outside and enjoy it.

Sincerely, Kitty




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2006 Western Pennsylvania Environmental Award Finalist

The Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards Program recognizes and honors outstanding achievements of organizations, businesses, schools, and individuals in a wide range of environmental initiatives throughout the region. These awards pay tribute to those who have Honorees at the Western Pennyslvania Environmental Awardsa commitment to environmental excellence, leadership, and accomplishment in their respective fields. By sponsoring these awards, Dominion and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council encourage the community to emulate the achievements of the successful nominees, thereby promoting innovative environmental efforts and enhancing the quality of life in western Pennsylvania.

This year Nature’s way was a finalist in the “Business” category. In this area finalists go beyond regulatory requirements to demonstrate the highest of standards of achievement in such areas as environmental management, technology development, emissions reduction, pollution prevention or waste minimization, community outreach, recycling, product or service innovation, energy conservation, or other initiatives to enhance the environment.

Nature's Way Joins 1% For the Planet

In 2005 Nature’s Way became one of the first businesses to participate in the 1% For the Planet campaign, an alliance of businesses donating 1% of the net sales to the natural environment. This resulted in $14,000 donation to the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy (CVC), whose mission is to promote the conservation and preservation of natural, historic, and cultural resources and to encourage prudent land-use practices in the Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin. Additional monies were provided to the Mountain Watershed Association for abandoned mine drainage clean-ups.

The Nature’s Way donation serves as an example to other business owners on how easily and directly they can affect ecology, even if the nature of their business is unrelated. Using Nature’s Way as a leading partner, the CVC is mounting a campaign to raise awareness about the role of business in environmental advocacy, with an emphasis on how environmental stewardship can lead to a healthier economy.

Kitty-- Kitty opened the doors of Nature's Way May 13, 1977 and has been bringing the best of health and wellness to Greensburg ever since.

Kara, has worked at Nature's Way Market for 8 years and is beginning her fourh year as manager.

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